Slack Line

Slacklining is the practice of balancing on 1 to 2 inches of flat webbing tensioned between two strong anchor points such as trees or pillars. The 'slacker’ can sit, stand, walk, jump practice yoga, meditate... the possibilities are endless.

The sport has kicked off to a new level which competitions arising all over the globe. The sport has evolved into various styles, broadly categorized into five formats i.e. 'Tricklining', 'Waterlining', 'Highlining', 'Longlining' and 'Yoga-lining'. The essence of balance remains the same. It has been proved to be beneficial in enhancing concentration levels and developing focus skills. Slacklining is being recommended and used by physiotherapists around the world as a form of exercise to rehabilitate and tone muscles.

Slacklining has various benefits from keeping you physically fit and active to keeping mentally relaxed, engaged and stress free at the same time. Learning how to balance is not only a physical task but a mental exercise as well. Not only is it a great individual activity, but it is also be a brilliant camaraderie development and team building activity. 

At Slacklife Inc. we have developed a corporate training programs using only slacklining, it benefits and values. This corporate slack session is designed to teach you the sport of slacklining as well as give you invaluable lessons which you can take back to your daily work life to evolve and grow as an individual as well as a team.